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The mission of AI Chamber

The primary objective of the AI Chamber is to support the responsible development of AI in Central and Eastern Europe through various activities – from researching the CEE market, through assisting in implementing AI solutions in different areas of the economy, to building a platform for experts to share experiences.

The Chamber, keeping focus on social impact, will serve as the thought leader that promotes and supports activities related to the growth of artificial intelligence, as well as encourage the implementation and promotion of AI in NGO projects. The social impact will also focus on the members and stakeholders of the above-mentioned NGOs. The chamber also plans to concentrate its efforts on building a network between the NGOs and the private sector.

AI Chamber will represent the interests of its members, among which are first of all non-profit organizations and small and medium-sized companies, in the dialogue with the local institutions, the European Union, and non-governmental organizations around the world.



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