Microsoft’s Copilot spoke in Polish! Our companies want to work with AI

After many months of anticipation, users from Poland can finally fully enjoy the Copilot assistant in the Microsoft 365 office suite. Fully, because until now, the assistant did not accept queries in Polish. From today, users who use the Polish language (or open documents in Polish) can utilize Copilot for tasks such as reasoning in […]


Start of AI Chamber

The inauguration of the AI Chamber (Chamber of AI) took place in Warsaw, a newly established institution uniting dozens of startups, companies, organizations, and AI NGOs in Poland, and eventually across the entire CEE region. This is an important voice in the community because in a world of misinformation, changing narratives, interests, and, let’s not […]


Consultation time regarding the AI Act

The Artificial Intelligence Act is the world’s first law that comprehensively addresses the challenges related to the development of AI. The new EU law requires implementation in member states. The Ministry of Digitalization is starting work on implementing the Act into Polish law and invites participation in pre-consultations on implementation assumptions.   On March 13, […]


Musk: AI will be smarter than the smartest human

Elon Musk is once again predicting the future in his own style. This time, on April 8th, he stated that artificial intelligence will soon surpass the level of the smartest humans.    He forecasted that artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence in capability would likely occur by next year, or at the latest by 2026.   […]