Microsoft's Copilot spoke in Polish! Our companies want to work with AI

10.05.2024 · technology

After many months of anticipation, users from Poland can finally fully enjoy the Copilot assistant in the Microsoft 365 office suite. Fully, because until now, the assistant did not accept queries in Polish.

From today, users who use the Polish language (or open documents in Polish) can utilize Copilot for tasks such as reasoning in Polish from data contained in Excel spreadsheets,generating presentations in PowerPoint, instructing AI to write longer texts directly in Word,or summarizing meetings on Microsoft Teams. Additionally, Copilot will no longer display errors for prompts written in Polish.

The premiere of the Polish version of the tool was also associated with the presentation of the new Microsoft Work Trend Index report.

Data from the new, fourth Microsoft Work Trend Index report unequivocally indicates that AI is transforming not only how work is done but the job market as a whole. As many as 61% of employees in Poland use generative artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Nearly 70% of leaders believe that their company must implement artificial intelligence to remain competitive, and AI users in Poland are 149% more likely to experiment with different ways of using artificial intelligence. Now, with Polish language availability in services such as Copilot for M365, they can do so in their native language as well. The new report, prepared in collaboration with LinkedIn, includes findings gathered from 31,000 respondents in 31 countries.

Leaders of companies in Poland see tangible benefits from implementing artificial intelligence in business.