New Ways of Social Media Platforms

04.04.2024 · social media

In a recent development, major social media platforms are undergoing significant policy shifts, impacting user experiences across the digital landscape.

The social network X is piloting a new feature allowing users to create or join communities centered around “adult content” or other “not safe for work” material. This initiative aligns with X’s commitment to giving users greater control over their content consumption. Users initiating such communities can designate them as containing adult-sensitive content in the settings, ensuring clear labeling with an “adult content” tag. Failure to correctly label communities may result in content filtering or removal, as per initial reports.

Meanwhile, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Threads, is introducing a significant change in its recommendation algorithm. The company is gradually rolling out updates to no longer recommend political content by default. Political content, broadly defined as material related to laws, elections, or social topics, will no longer appear in feeds, stories, or other content recommendation areas by default. This move marks a significant departure from Meta’s previous approach and is seen as an attempt to reduce polarization and contentious discussions on the platforms. However, users who wish to continue receiving political content recommendations can opt in through a new setting, making this a voluntary feature.

These policy updates signal a shift in the digital landscape, emphasizing user empowerment and the need to strike a balance between content moderation and user preferences. As platforms continue to evolve, users are encouraged to stay informed about these changes and adjust their settings accordingly to tailor their online experience.